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OEM Laundry Parts

As with any type of equipment or machinery, the need to order and replace parts is likely to occur at some point. Laundry equipment is no different. Fortunately, there’s a replacement parts solution that will ensure machines resume working order quickly – parts that come straight from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). While the initial investment may be higher, an OEM part provides long-lasting benefits to coin laundry store owners and on-premises laundries (OPL) alike.

The Best versus the Rest

Replacement parts can be grouped into two categories. One category is OEM parts, which means that the parts used for repair are the same parts used in the original machines – built and tested in the same factory where the equipment is manufactured. The second category is low-cost alternative, or aftermarket, parts. Usually purchased online or through a third-party vendor, aftermarket parts are often less expensive; however, they are not backed by a laundry equipment manufacturer and aren’t guaranteed to be a perfect fit or function properly.

Backed by the Manufacturer

When all costs are considered, oftentimes the listed price of an aftermarket replacement part isn’t capturing the total cost to your facility.

Think about it this way: An equipment manufacturer has a vested interest in the way equipment runs and operates. Furthermore, it is in the manufacturer’s best interest to provide quality parts that ensure a positive business relationship, long into the future.

Companies providing aftermarket alternatives do not have such investment in their end users. In fact, they may have no relationship with them at all beyond a parts sale.