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Wascomat / Electrolux Professional offers the perfect solution for health care institutions, like hospital clean rooms, virology laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, and Hi-Tech industry, where maximum hygiene and a dust-free environment is necessary. Barrier Washer models provide a reliable defense against the spread of germs and bacteria for a quality wash and greater hygiene. The Barrier models separate the wash process into a soiled laundry side and a clean laundry side. A special “Barrier” wall around the washer physically separates the soiled loading side of the washer from the clean unloading side which allows soiled laundry to be loaded at the front and clean wash unloaded from the back eliminating contamination of the wash load. With a Barrier solution including the Hygiene Watchdog function and Certus Management Information System, you can control and document all operations to achieve ultimate hygiene and cleanliness. Wash capacities start at 40 lb. per load.

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