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Primus, an Alliance Laundry Systems brand, is one of the leading commercial laundry equipment manufacturers in Europe. With over 100+ years of experience, Primus is recognized globally for its unparalleled efficient and reliable performance, providing highly efficient, eco-friendly solutions for all your OPL laundry needs and helping to increase throughput and reduce cost.

Primus offers a complete line-up of commercial laundry equipment that combines durability, performance and innovation to get laundry done faster while reducing your overall utilities.

Primus On Premise Equipment

PY-Series Softmount Washer-Extractors are built with a strong, stainless steel construction for durability and to deliver consistent performance. These washer-extractors are incredibly easy to install and the softmount design is ideal for installation where a concrete floor is not an option. The unique design improves efficiency and reduces utilities due to high extraction speed up to 400 G-Force.

Capacity: 20 – 125 lb. capacity
Control Options: X-Control+ - fully programmable
Extraction Speeds: 350 - 400 G-Force will reduce dry times, increase throughput and reduce utility costs

PY Series Softmount Washer-Extractor 20 – 30 lb. Capacity Brochure

PY Series Softmount Washer-Extractor 40 – 70 lb. Capacity Brochure

PT & PTT-Series Tumble Dryers, available in singe and stacked models, with perfectly balanced heat airflow and heat input, deliver fast, efficient and dependable drying that keeps your OPL laundry moving.

Capacity: 25 – 200 lb. capacity single and 2 x 30 lb. or 2 x 45 lb. stacked
Control Options: Easy-to-use digital control or optional full OPL microprocessor control
Heat Source: Electric, Natural Gas, Propane/LP Gas or Steam
Other available Features: Reversing Cylinder, Sensodry+ - Over-Dry Prevention Technology,
SafeTech – Fire Suppression System

Single Tumble Dryer 25, 30, 35 and 55 lb. Capacity Brochure

Single Tumble Dryer 50 and 75 lb. Capacity Brochure

Single Tumble Dryer 120 – 200 lb. Capacity Brochure

Stacked Tumble Dryer 2x30 and 2x45 lb. Capacity Brochure

Primus Frontload Washers add unmatched efficiency to industry-leading qulity and durability with user-friendly features that help reduce energy and water usge, as well as your utility bill. It is the ideal commercial laundry front loader. Matching dryers are available in electric and natural gas.

Capacity: 21.5 lb. capacity

Spin Speeds Industry-leading 440 G-Force extraction will reduce dry times and increase your revenue

Other: ADA certified if choosing front controls

Frontload Washer and Dryer with Front Controls Brochure

Frontload Washer and Dryer with Rear Controls Brochure

Other available on-premises Primus commercial laundry equipment ranges from topload washers, single load dryers, stacked washer/dryer units to stacked dryers. All equipment is energy efficient and built for durable performance. Stacked units are an excellent solution where space is an issue.

Topload Washer and Dryer Brochure

Stacked Washer/Dryer and Stacked Dryer Brochure

To get a quote or for more information on the completed on-premises commercial laundry equipment line, please contact us at 907.771.0104 or send us an email.