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If you like Milnor you will really like UniMac! Industry-leading 400 G-Force extraction, all stainless steel cabinet, state-of-the-art UniLincTM controls and the best warranty in the industry are just a few reasons to consider UniMac. Why do business with out of state dealers when you can purchase in state at competitive prices and receive superior local service after the sale? Before you make your buying decision, call us at 907.771.0111 to learn more about the UniMac Advantage.

Managing Water Consumption with UniMac

  • 30 programmable water settings
  • Leak detection. UniLinc technology will notify the owner when there is a water leak


If you believe IPSO and UniMac are the same - they are NOT! Yes, they are built in the same factory, but Chevy’s and Cadillac’s are also built in the same factory, and there is a HUGE difference. There are many features and benefits that make UniMac the superior product providing more value to you. Call us today at 907.771.0111 to get the facts on the UniMac Advantage!







Believe it or not, a Maytag is no longer a Maytag. When Whirlpool purchased Maytag in 2006, the Maytag factory was completely dismantled and Maytag’s became Whirlpool’s with just a change of name plate. Don’t be fooled paying big bucks for a Maytag when you are really buying a Whirlpool. Speed Queen stands alone in producing true commercial washers and dryers for the Coin and OPL market.

Outer Drain Tub Comparison

Speed Queen

Porcelain/Stainless Steel Outer Drain Tub




Plastic Outer Drain Tub


Machines with plastic outer drain tubs run the risk of holes forming from sharp objects in the drain tub. Plastic is prone to smells or residue deposits, along with mildew and mold risks.

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