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Industrial Laundry Equipment

Automated Laundry Systems & Supply carries a full line of Industrial size laundry equipment with washers and dryers ranging in size from 60 - 900lb capacity. We represent the world’s finest manufactures in this market, including Chicago Dryer, G.A. Braun, Consolidated Laundry Machinery, E-Tech, TEA, Fulton Boiler and Energenics. This equipment is designed to meet the needs of the largest laundry operations and meet the extreme demands placed on it shift after shift. We supply equipment, technical service and provide supplies to this market segment. Call us today to learn more.

G.A. Braun

G.A. Braun located in Syracuse, NY is the only US manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment that builds equipment for an entire plant.

No farming out dryers, finishing equipment, tunnel washers or ironers to a 3rd party.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM)

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) is manufacturing reliable, cost-effective industrial heavy duty dryers that will last you for years down the road.

Chicago Dryer Company

Chicago Dryer Company, the premier line of folding and finishing equipment from OPL to industrial models, Chicago is a brand that you can trust.

Energenics Corporation

Got “LINT”? No problem with the innovative lint collector line from Energenics Corporation. A model for every application – from OPL to industrial laundries.


Want to save water and energy in an industrial plant? TEA Wastewater Filtering System is your answer on a larger scale. Reclamation honed by years of experience.