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September 2015


Justin Wells
Lead Service Technician

May we say congratulations to Justin Wells, our Lead Service Technician, on his 10th anniversary with ALS&S! Completing work in Barrow, Alaska all the way to Palermo, Italy, Justin has experienced a wide variety of service and chemical challenges that assist him in being prepared for most any job! He is well known for being thorough in his research and always thinks about what is the best choice for the customer. Congratulations again, Justin!

Spencer Adamson
Service Technician

Meet our newest Service Technician, Spencer Adamson. While being new to the laundry industry, Spencer was familiar with hazardous materials (similar to some of our laundry chemicals) having received his HAZWOPER certification prior to joining us. This coupled with his IT background give him the tools required to service our chemical customers. Spencer has proven to be a quick learner, and we are pleased to have him as the newest member of our team. Be sure to say "Hi" to Spencer when you see him in the field!

New Environmental Technology Promotes Energy Cost-Savings

Utility savings while lowering your carbon footprint is gaining popularity in Alaska!

Since 1979, Hills Commercial Laundry has provided a full range commercial laundry service to the Anchorage market. Always innovating and investing in state of the art technology, Hills looked into ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems and learned that cleaning with cold water not only saved money, but would produce softer linen and increase throughput.

In August, Hills Commercial Laundry fired up their new ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System and realized immediate savings by:

  • 95% reduction of hot water on some cycles.
  • 10% - 30% quicker drying times.This equals less lint and longer linen life.
  • Less chemical required for cleaning and sanitizing on some cycles.
  • Improved throughput (up to 20%) with faster fill rates and shorter wash cycles.

What is Ozone? Ozone is O3, created when an extra atom is attached to Oxygen (O2). Ozone carries an electrical/chemical charge that dissolves soil on contact. The creation process is similar to the natural occurrence during a lightning storm. Ever notice a distinct smell after lightning strikes? That's Ozone, mother nature's natural cleaner!

If you are interested in saving on utilities and green thinking, please email Kerry, or give her a call at 907.771.0104.